equine artist
“First Light of Morning” Original:  19.5”h x 14”w SOLD
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Gypsy Jazz
“Gypsy Jazz” Original:  16”h x 20”w Collection of the Artist
“Solo Dancer” Original:  19.5”h x 16.75”w $900 (framed)
“Youthful Gaze” Original:  14”h x 11”w SOLD
“Steppin’ Lilghtly” Original:  16”h x 20”w SOLD
“Gypsy Fire” Original:  17”h x 12”w SOLD
“Embracing Liberty” Original:  17.5”h x 24.5”w SOLD
“My Heart Will Go On” Original:  16.5”h x 11.25”w $1,100 (framed)
“Gypsy Elegance” Original:  22”h x 26”w Reference photo courtesy of Jerry Mohme, professional photographer SOLD
“Glistening in the Tall Grass” Original:  18”h x 21”w $800 (framed)
“Princess of Clover” Original:  21”h x 24”w Reference photo courtesy of Scott Sarkozi SOLD
“Caress from the Wind” Original:  15.75”w x 25”h $1,000 (framed)
“Flourish of Feather” Original:  23.25”h x 19.75”w $1,000 (framed)
“Rhett” Original:  10”w x 12”h SOLD
“Gypsy Trio” Original:  19”h x 26”w SOLD
Dreams of Faraway
“Dreams of Faraway” Original:  16.75”w x 11.75”h $500 (framed)
“Brotherhood of Feather” Original:  16”h x 24”w $300 (unframed)
Glistening in the Tall Grass Clononeen Tumbleweed
“Clononeen Tumbleweed” Original:  21.75”h x 16”w SOLD
Embracing Liberty Sunset Run
“Sunset Run” Original:  16.75”h x 24.25”w $600 (framed)
Gallop at Sunrise
“Gallop at Sunrise” Original:  16”h x 20”w Collection of the Artist
“Reverie” Original:  15.75”h x 17.75”w SOLD
“Force of Nature” Original:  17-3/8”h x 21.5”w SOLD
“Reno” Original:  19.5”h x 16.75”w SOLD
“Fancy Footwork” Original:  19.5”h x 16.75”w $800 (framed)
“Copper and Silver” Original:  19.5”h x 16.75”w SOLD
Prints are available for all paintings.  See “prices” for more information.
“Ahearn” Original:  18”h x 19”w SOLD
“A Dream at Dusk” Original:  12.5”h x 15”w SOLD
“Shades of Midnight” Original:  18h x 12.5”w SOLD
“Crowning Glory” Original:  19.5”h 23.5”w SOLD
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